Due to the economic crisis, from 2013 Aradippou Municipality has established the Social Market.

The Social Market accepts foods, clothes and furniture. The volunteers who graciously offer their time carry out all the work needed by the Social Market.

Financial criteria are used to determine whether help can be offered by the Social Market. Based on a government decision the ombudsman for Volunteer activities created a united computer based program which was named “Relief” and where all the details are stored of people who apply to the Social Markets in Cyprus. To achieve this goal a new universal application form was created which must be completed by all applicants.

Various events are organized to collect food and money. Parcels are given to eligible applicants on Fridays and the Market receives foods and other items on Thursdays 9.00 – 12.00.

Aradippou Municipality appeals to its residents to continue donating foods and other gifts for the continuation of the work that is underway.

Contact Telephone: 24811083