The Municipality of Aradippou, within its goals and objectives to serve the citizens, the children and the young people, has created a theatrical workshop. Fundamental objective is the healthy involvement of children and young people of the Municipality in combination with the theatrical culture and education in the wider significance of the term.

The theatrical workshop started for first time in December 1999. With small potential it began to track its course. A course that was vindicated through hard work. In 2000 the Municipality proceeded to the foundation of childrens’ theatrical group and in 2004 followed the foundation of adolescent theatrical workshop.

Among the various presentations abroad we distinguish the participation in the Pan-Hellenic competition of amateur theatre in 2001 in New Orestias Greece, where our theatrical workshop earned the honorary second place with the play “Eftixos trellathika (Fortunately I became crazy)”.

 In 2006 it presented to the Great Britain Cyprus community the work “Ap’on akoui tou goniou (Who does not listen to the parents)”. In 2008 the adults’ theatrical workshop participated in a European programme in the Municipality of Sykeon Thessaloniki with the play “The missing person”.  In 2009, participating in the same European programme, it presented in Sicily the work “Echtes, prochtes, tziai simera (Yesterday, the day before and today)”.

The structure of the theatrical workshop of Aradippou Municipality consists of three departments: the children's theatrical workshop, the adolescent theatrical workshop and the theatrical workshop of adults. With the hard work of our directors Thekla Karittevli and Maria Georgiou Krasa and the total support of Aradippou Municipality, the theatrical laboratory continues on its course. Main objective remains for constant improvement of the level of its work and serving the art of theatre.

Citizens interested in joining the theatrical workshop can contact Mrs Maria Kitsi at tel:24811017 or at e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.