The committee of Agriculture and Environment is chaired by Municipal Advisor Andreas Karittevlis and members are citizens that have interest in these subjects. 

The committee’s objective is mainly the resolution of problems that concern the farmers and livestock breeders and to generally upgrade of quality of life of the citizens.

Subjects that will occupy the committee are as follows:

1. Maintainance of rural streets

Carried out once or twice every year, mainly at the end March or beginning of April after the rain season and before harvest.

2. Effort of registration of unregistered rural streets

There are a lot of unregistered rural streets and the good will of landowners that are affected will help towards this goal.

3. Cleanliness and application of good practices of maintenance of natural character of agricultural -veterinarian regions

Planting of trees is suggested where possible in order to is improved somehow the heavy environment. Also suggestions are made for frequent sprayings but also pest control measures for the rats. Generally speaking the high levels of cleanliness in these areas prevent a lot of problems.

4. Briefing of farmers-breeders on European funding and subsidies

We will try to have systematic briefing on European funding programs through the Development Company with which our Municipality is cooperating.  

5. Town planning and reformation of environment

In collaboration with the Committee for Technical matters and the Department of Technical Services an effort will be made to create a timely and effective planning on this matter.

6. Simplification of process of repurchase of small green areas by their owners and use of  income for purchase of bigger green areas

The process exists already through which landowners who are obliged to create green areas within their land that will be divided into plots, can buy off that area from the municipality and incorporate it in the plots. If the green areas are very small, they end up being garbage areas. However the process is rather complicated and with high cost for the landowners who want to buy off, rendering it useless and unpopular. Consequently it will be simplified and with lower prices to attract more interested owners. The money that will be collected by the Municipality will go to a special fund for the purchase of big green areas which will be converted to parks, playgrounds etc.

7. Plantings of trees/Upgrades of parks  

In collaboration with the Sector of Gardens of Municipality and the Department of Forests, we will try to plant as many land areas as we can. Also a number of parks need upgrade and planning exists already in order to become friendlier and more attractive for our citizens.

8. Cleaning of parks and plots

A lot of time is allocated to the cleaning of parks so that they may be accessible and always clean.

9. Cleaning of pavements/special conditions for planting trees on the pavements

The subject of pavements is becoming quite an issue. Uncontrolled planting of trees and specifically the planting of bushes on them causes hindrance in the pedestrian traffic and affect the comfortable and safe passage of citizens. It should become clear that the pavements are public and do not belong to those that have built them.  The planting of trees should be avoided and if it is done it should be in collaboration with the responsible Department of Municipality. The trees that exist already should be pruned in such a way that would allow the unencumbered use of pavements by the pedestrians.

10) Rizoelia forest upgrade/Contacts with Forest Department

Through a citizens’ initiative an upgrade effort of the Rizoelia forest is under way by planning the construction of a café and making the roads more accessible so that more citizens can enjoy one of Aradippou’s best natural beauties. Contacts with the Forest Department are continuous and positive results are expected soon.

11) Creation of Linear Park – Parapotamiou Park

Effort is under way for creation of green strips at both sides of Archangel River. The planning is such that we believe it will give the chance to people to walk there and delight the nature lovers.

12) Aradippou redistribution Plan 

All land owners who have land within the redistribution plan area will have access to them.  We hope all involved departments will do their share, so that each land piece has water supply from the Southern waterway.

13) Landscaping of the ancient ruins area of Virgin Mary of Vines and bridge of river Kammitsis

After repeated efforts with the Department of Antiquities, an action plan has been drafted to landscape and show the antiquities at Virgin Mary of Vines and the bridge of river Kammitsis.

14) Locating and establishing preservable buildings

Incooperationwith the Technical Committee old buildings worth preserving will be located and we will try to declare them preservable, in order that when renovated they will remain as a reminder from the past before concrete spreads everywhere.

15) Recycle programmes

The recycle programme is running smoothly. Just a little more effort by everybody and the benefits will be great for all of us.

16) Green Spot

In cooperation with the Ministry of Interior our Municipality managed to create the Green Spot. Contrary to previous years where the recycling skips were placed in various neighbourhoods and when full they often became a place of dirt and infections, now they will be placed in one single place where they can be easily controlled and emptied solving in this way the problems that were created before.