September 2007

Festival of traditional dances 2007 Municipality of Aradippou

Culture 2007 Program: Mediterranean-The sea that unites us

The Municipality of Aradippou organised a traditional dances festival on Saturday, 8th September, within the framework of the European program “Culture 2007 – Mediterranean: The sea that unites us”. 

Dancing groups from Greece, Italy and Spain took part in the festival, as well as the cultural associations of “Omonia” and “Hermes” of the Municipality of Aradippou.  

The festival began with a parade of the dancing groups in the streets of Aradippou, starting from the Heroes Monument and finishing at Apostolos Loukas Square. The parade was led by the Band of the Cultural Association of Omonia Aradippou, which was followed by representatives of the dancing groups, carrying their banners. The dancing groups from Italy and Spain made a sensation to the people of Aradippou who were watching the parade, since they were dancing and playing their tambourines.

The festival was held at Apostolos Loukas Square and began with the presentation of the dancing groups, which was followed by a greeting speech from the President of the Cultural Committee, Mr.Evangelos Evangelides. Mr. Evangelides made a special reference to the beneficial interaction which has been historically developed between the civilizations and cultures of the European Union member-states, as well as to the effort that the Municipality of Aradippou is making to creatively assimilate the new cultural trends of our times in collaboration with the rest of the European countries. Greeting speeches were also read by the representatives of the “Avola Folk” dancing group, coming from Syracuse, Italy, the “Mazantini” dancing group from the town of Cuidad Real in Spain, and of the Municipal Enterprise for Artistic Education and Culture of Sykies, Greece. In the greeting he addressed to the audience, the Mayor of Aradippou, Mr. Christakis Liperis, invited everyone to participate and become part of this colourful and musical meeting of different people and cultures, whose aim is to contribute to the dialogue between people and to the exchange of cultural experience.  

Traditional dances were then presented by these dancing groups, accompanied by the traditional music of each country. The audience was rhythmically clapping to the music. The traditional Cypriot music group “Aradippou” also took part in the celebrations. Moreover, memorabilia were exchanged between the Municipality of Aradippou and the other Municipalities.   

The celebrations were concluded the following day at the “Kostas Kaimakliotis” folklore museum, where an International Exhibition of Traditional Costumes and Musical Instruments was presented. A traditional night with Cypriot dishes followed, where all the dancing groups danced and sang with great enthusiasm until the morning hours.  

The festival was attended by many people and it was a great success. It manifested everyone’s wish and hope that intercultural meetings will mark the beginning of a long and productive cooperation, which will send a universal message: That culture is the bridge which unites people, whose common vision is a powerful and united Mediterranean and Europe.  

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