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Prevention and management of natural hazards in the areas of Heraklion-Crete, Prefect of Samos, Municipality of Aradippou and Paphos District


Aradippou municipality participates as a partner in the Cross-Border Cooperation Greece-Cyprus 2007-2013 programme, through the project “Prevention and management of natural hazards in the areas of Heraklion-Crete, Prefect of Samos, Municipality of Aradippou and Paphos District”.

 The project has a total budget of €800.000 and is implemented in the context of Business Programme of Cross-Border Cooperation Greece-Cyprus 2007-2013 – Priority sector 2: “Natural and cultural environment”. The partnership scheme is composed by:

  • Municipality of Heraklion as Lead Partner.
  • Samos island district
  • Aradippou Municipality
  • Paphos Development Co.-Aphrodite Ltd

Project Description

The project is a single set of actions that effectively addresses the prevention and management of natural hazards in the sense that it gives the chance to the collaborative partners to utilize each other’s expertise. Also it will develop procedures and tools to this extent and aid in the design of a plan for prevention, management and coordination in such situations. The programme strengthens and expands the cooperation between the two countries, develops and encourages the volunteer work and promotes the active participation of the local people.

Expected results for Aradippou Municipality

  • Development and update of intervention tools and action plans aimed at prevention and management of natural hazards, based on the hazard’s analysis and mapping that will precede.
  • Supply of personal and group gear for volunteers participating in this programme.
  • Completion, renewal and digital development of various mapping data in order to have one database in GIS with option to reproduce any needed area map to GPS compatible format.
  • Placement of signs in the non-urban areas with priority given to forest areas in the territories covered by this programme.
  • Supply and installation of one fire fighting water tank of recent technology.
  • Awareness Seminar in July to further promote the objectives and scopes of the programme in the volunteer group and the general public using printed and other material.
  • Awareness campaigns through local media.
  • Awareness campaigns for students and teachers in regard to protection from natural hazards.
  • Setup of volunteer groups in Aradippou Municipality.

Programme actions aim to:

  • Improve the response procedures for natural hazards and disasters.
  • Improve the efficiency of action plans of the local authorities.
  • Upgrade and improve the existing cooperation (for earthquakes-fires etc) between the two countries.
  • Exchange of methods and resources between the experts of both countries and all the collaborators towards a more efficient action plan in case of natural hazards/disasters.
  • Activation by specific planning of the volunteer teams and of the general public which is imperative in emergency situations.
  • Increase the sense of security through these actions to the residents of the collaborative areas.
  • Skill acquisition by specific actions and seminars aiming at preparing the residents of these areas to face effectively various emergencies.
  • Creation of new job positions during and after the project.
  • Prevention-reduction and effective response and management of natural disasters achieved through protecting the natural resources, promoting renewable energy actions, green development and taking advantage of each area’s natural assets. Also expected through these actions is the improvement of the tourist attractions for these areas.
  • Development and strengthening the administrative ties between the local authorities in Samos, Cyprus and Crete for future common projects and actions. 

The project is co-financed by 80% by the European Fund for Peripheral Development and will be in effect until October 2013.