welfare programs

“Subsidy of Local Authorities or joint venture of Local Authorities or Joint venture of Local Authorities and NGOs for development of Social benefit programmes within the context of the project  “Employment and social involvement of people belonging in the less privileged social groups through development of social skills and other activities”



Aradippou Municipality in cooperation with the volunteers group “Faros” takes part in the project “Employment and social involvement of people belonging in the less privileged social groups through development of social skills and other activities”through the programme “Social involvement of young people to enter the employment market

In a meeting, organised by the Social Welfare Services in Hilton Park Hotel-Nicosia on 3th April 2012, all the participating local authorities’ programmes were presented and the contract for the implementation of these projects was signed.

By implementing the said project, Aradippou Municipality is called to apply a novel programme which will cover the Municipality’s present social welfare needs. The active involvement of the Municipality in social matters is vital to the success of the programmes of interest to the local community in this sector.

The target group of this project are the unemployed,the young people that have either left school before graduation or exhibit anti-social behaviour or drug users and the single parents.

To this day the young people,the unemployed and the single parents did not have the opportunity of benefiting from programmes of this kind aiming at their social and employment needs.This novel programme utilizes new approaches, placing the professional to hands-on work and not behind a desk achieving in this way better results for these underprivileged groups.

The above programme’s aim is to reduce considerably the social isolation of the target groups,secure better access to employment opportunities and integration of the target groups in the social fabric.

Activation of the target groups will be achieved through increased employment activity,development of their positive outlook,active involvement in the social and political life of Aradippou and removal of their social isolation in the target area.

Proposed programme actions:

  • Actions aiming at preparing the target groups for the employment market and social involvement.
  • Actions aiming at educating and providing with skills the target groups to increase chances of employment.
  • Actions aiming to informing the general public about these programmes.

Actions of these programmes are expected to have the following results:

  • Establishment of a new action programme in the area of Aradippou.
  • Awareness of local society as to the special needs and abilities of the target groups.
  • Increased integration of the target groups in society.
  • Social involvement and activation of the target groups to secure better employment opportunities.
  • Creation of new employment positions in the area.
  • Encouragement of young people to attend trainingprogrammes.
  • Efficient application of the social integration principles and psychosocial support of the target groups and their family environment.

The project is co-financed by the European Social Fund