The Mayor of Aradippou, Evangelos Evangelidis presented to the Municipal Council a complete Action plan for the five year period, based mainly on his pre-election programme. The action plan, which has the approval of the Municipal Council in the meeting of 31 May 2012, will constitute the guide of actions of the Municipal authorities in the next five-year period. Through the publication on the website of the Municipality, it is placed also at the disposal of the citizens offering to them the opportunity to objectively judge the degree of achievement of objectives and materialization of announced actions.

Economic growth

  • Research of all enterprises in our Municipality aiming at:
    • Listing the problems and difficulties that they face.
    • The investigation of the probability of joining European union programmes to secure European funds or other financing sources.
    • Other  ways through which the Municipality could support them in their effort to achieve  healthy growth. 

The results of the research will be shared with local businessmen during an open session and further actions will be jointly undertaken.

  • Transparency in regard to the municipality’s finances so that any citizen can have access to expenses and income. The municipal balance sheet will be published in the web page of the Municipality and in annual printed publication. 
  • Efforts will be made to establish twinning with cities abroad aiming at closer collaboration, the promotion of common programmes and the exchange of knowledge and experiences on issues of economic growth and upgrade of offered services to the citizens.
  • Completion and growth of industrial region and growth of new craft-based region. 
  • With regard to the economic management of Municipality, announcement of budget of Municipality, creation of department of control of budget, exercise of strict control of expenses (including overtime of personnel).

Citizen’s Information and Services

Creation of citizen services office, which will improve and upgrade the offered services to the citizens in all levels. The office will be completely computerised and it will have an upgraded telephone centre, in order that all the proposals, queries or complaints of the citizens are recorded by a Municipality employee, registered and forwarded electronically to the responsible Services and Departments for processing. The processing procedure will be monitored, in order that at the end of each year an annual report of this Office will be submitted to evaluate the effectiveness of Service and the citizen’s needs.

  • Upgrade of the Municipality’s website
    • Possibility of obtaining certificates, application forms and other municipal documents electronically.
    • Publication of all decisions of Municipal Council.
    • Monthly electronic information bulletin on the all activities of the Municipality.
  • Upgrade of the Municipal infirmary and extension of the days that medical services are offered to the citizens
  • Establishment of at least one yearly pan-municipal assembly during which the citizens will have a chance to be informed about the activities and accomplished objectives of the Municipality. All heads of the various Municipal departments will attend this assembly in order to record suggestions or complaints of the citizens and to provide answers.
  • Establishment of regular meetings with organized interest groups in the municipality. Main objective is to promote their activities, strengthen the collaboration and improve their contribution in the activities of Municipality, with their specialized knowledge and experiences.
  • Implementation of a training and evaluation programme of the municipal employees.
  • Establishment of an annual poll aiming at the recording of problems of the Municipality and proposals for their resolution, evaluation of municipal services and work of Mayor and Municipal Council etc.

Sanitation and environment

  • Commitment to begin and complete as soon as possible the construction work that is required, for integration of region Vlachos (Krasha) area in the boundary area of Larnaca Sewerage Board.
  • Promotion of all necessary actions and processes for planning, manufacture and operation of sewerage system in the remainder of Aradippou.
  • Maintenance and upgrade of existing municipal parks and green areas, so that are rendered poles of attraction for young and old alike. Upgrade of children's playgrounds and replacement of old games with new, according to the European models of safety.  
  • Improvement of recycling system, through incentives to local businesses to integrate in related programs and with the promotion of information campaigns for all citizens and especially children.
  • Construction of new pavements and continuous maintenance of the existing ones along with added measures for unobstructed access by all citizens particularly by those with mobility problems.

Cultural Development

  • Construction of modern Municipal Theatre, which will be in a position to accommodate every intellectual activity and the rich cultural creation of our citizens.
  • Creation of Municipal Art gallery, which will accommodate the work of important artists, which today are found scattered in various rooms of Municipal Palace and other places.
  • Renovation of Apostle Loukas square and the old heritage neighbourhood in the region of Folklore Museum “Costas Kaimakliotis”. 
  • Re-designing of Monument of Heroes in order to include all the heroes of Aradippou.
  • Upgrade and digitalisation of Municipal Library and enrichment with scientific and research books that will strengthen the effort of our young people for education and preparation for their academic study.

Youth and athletics 

  • Construction of modern stadium in collaboration with the Cyprus  Sports Organisation and the two football teams of Aradippou, Ermis and Omonia.
  • Construction of General purpose Youth Centre in collaboration with the Youth Organisation.
  • Quarterly meetings of Mayor and Municipal Council with organised youth groups to exchange opinions and promote actions and programs for the young people of Aradippou.
  • Establishment of annual athletic activities, as age-related championships between parishes, and award ceremonies of athletes and teams.
  • Programs of  computer education and new technologies (e-learning) and installation of Wi-Fi network in all the extent of the Municipality.