Protocol of Agreement of Twinning of Municipalities Aradippou and Neapolis.

Today Saturday, 5 May 2001, in Aradippou the Municipalities Aradippou Cyprus and Neapolis Thessalonica, represented by their Mayors Mr. Christakis Liperis and Mr Gregoris Hadjisavva respectively, officially sealed and safeguarded for ever their twinning, satisfying their citizens’ expectations.

They promised that they will fight together for the liberation of occupied Cyprus, for the further growth and consolidation of fraternal relations, the collaboration between the two municipalities and for the strengthening of conscience of common origin of Greeks and Cypriots.

They promised finally that they will help with all their strength and with every means they have, the improvement of local self-administration in order to achieve the vision "citizen of two cities". The exchange of knowledge, experiences and reflections on issues of growth of urban centres and self- administration and the approach of different ways of life and culture constitutes central objective of twinning of two Municipalities.

With these thoughts the Municipalities Aradippou and Neapolis together decisided on the following:

  • The growth and consolidation of fraternal relations
  • The collaboration between the Municipal Councils and the citizens of Aradippou and Neapolis 
  • The exchange of useful experiences in the sectors of:
    • scientific and administrative activity;
    • growth and development of democratic forms of local self-administration; 
    • architecture, urban planning and in general city growth;
  • protection of vital environment in his natural, historical and monumental situation.
  • The two Municipalities will proceed in exchange of missions and teams of work of experts, in order to transfer reciprocal experiences on issues:
    • local self-administration; 
    • promotion of planning for commercial and financial development;
    • promotion of projects and activities to promote art exhibitions, sculpture, photography, exchange folk forms, theatre, folk music, dancing and musical groups,  scientific congresses and conferences etc.

The terms that are formulated in this agreement will be improved and they will be enriched with the practical and common activity of the two Municipalities.

With faith and hope that their efforts will be justified, they signed this protocol that will unbreakably link the Municipality of Aradippou and the Municipality of Neapolis.

The twinning ceremony has been issued in a special edition, copies of which can be found at the Municipal Library.