Ceremony of Twinning of Mouresi Municipality - Aradippou Municipality

The first phase of twinning of the two Municipalities was carried out in Tsangarada on 27 July 2004.
The twinning was completed with the visit of a mission, with head of mission the Mayor of Mouresi Mr Constantinos Leventis at Aradippou Municipality on 19 October 2005. In a modest ceremony the protocol of twinning was signed and there was a presentation-acquaintance of Mouresi Municipality.

Oath of Twinning

We, Mayors of Mouresi Municipality and Aradippou Municipality Cyprus Freely elected from the vote of our compatriots, certain that we correspond in the deeper expectations and in the real needs of our populations, knowing that the western culture has its cradle in our "old municipalities" and that the spirit of freedom is registered mainly in the exemptions that they achieved to claim, taking into consideration, that the work of history should be continued in a widened world, that however this world will not be really human unless the persons live freely in free cities, we undertake today officially the obligation.

To maintain permanent bonds between our municipalities, to facilitate in all  sectors the exchanges between the residents so that we promote via a better reciprocal comprehension the live feeling of European brotherhood, to combine our efforts so that we contribute with all the means that aim in the success of this inter-country work of peace and prosperity of European Union.

Mouresi Municipality

The Mouresi Municipality is one of the two Municipalities of Eastern Pilion, most beautiful and green department of Pilion, with 3.200 - roughly - permanent residents and lots of visitors all year round.

Its name derives from the old (19th century), homonym Municipality "Myresi" with Tsagarada as “headquarters” and also included, the Xourihti and Lampinou. Small economy, with long tradition in tourism and rural cultivation like “Pilion apples”, chestnuts, cherries, olives and other fruit  as well as flowers, as hydrangeas, camellias, gardenias etc. In the Municipality operate 6 Kindergartens, a six-sitter elementary school (Saint Demetrios, Aniliou and Kissou) and 3 two-seater, High school and Lyceum.

It was created in 1999, according to the program "Kapodistrias" and is constituted by 6 municipal compartments, former communities.

  • Tsangarada that is also today the seat of our Municipality. In this belong the beautiful beaches of Mylopotamou and Fakistras. It is stretched out in 12Km, with 55Km, internal road construction and it is a famous tourist resort, all year round with 850 residents.
  • Xourihti, to which the beach of Limniona belongs and is a rural village with 300 residents.
  • Mouresi follows (700 residents), to which the graphic settlement of Ntamouharis and the big beach of Papa Nero belongs, with the golden sandy beach and the Municipal Camping.
  • Kissos, (400 residents), old seat of homonym Municipality, that included the villages, Saint Demetrios and Anilio, with the historical temple of Saint Marina, one of the most important sights of the region.
  • Saint Demetrios, in which the built-up area and beach of Saint Yannis belong, with 500 residents and finally
  • Anilios, with the beaches of Plaka and Mpanika and 450 residents. The beaches of the Municipality are awarded since 1996 the "Blue Flag", for their cleanliness and their fine organisation, considering, that from the 3 bigger beaches 2 of them (Saint-Yannis, Mylopotamou and Papa Nero) have Lifeguard Stations. The first well organised station that functioned in Greece - was that of Saint Yannis, in 1994.