As part of the efforts to continuously upgrade the quality of the services we offer to members of the municipal library and to the citizens of Aradippou in general, with the new year the lending of books will be done electronically.

Also, in addition to changing the way of borrowing, the following terms and conditions will also apply:

  • Annual membership fee of €10 per member.
  • The book lending time is 21 days.
  • The maximum number of books that each member can borrow at the same time will be two (2) books.
  • For any delay in returning the books and in case of inappropriate information, at least two working days before the due day of return, a fine of 20 cents (€ 0.20) will be imposed for each day of delay.
  • For any damage to books, members will be required to pay an amount corresponding to the cost of purchasing or replacing the book.
  • Members who do not meet the terms and regulations will be deleted.


Thank you for your understanding and we hope for your cooperation.

For more information, contact the municipal library at 24 333 605.

Responsible - Barbara Katsiati
Assistant - Rea Koubaris