It is brought to the knowledge of all Christians that this August, on August 27th, will celebrate with all majesty the church of Saint Fanourios in Aradippou.

On the eve, Sunday 26 August at 7 pm the Great Feast of the Vespers will be celebrated and blessed with the Holy Picture of Agios Fanourios. with Metropolitan of Kition, Bishop Chrysostomos.

On the next day, Monday, August 27, at 6:30 pm, the Orthros and the Divine Liturgy will begin.

In the afternoon at 6:30 pm the Paraklitikos kanonas will be read for Saint Fanourios.

All the charismatic Christians are urged to come to the name day of Saint Fanourios in Aradippou and to commemorate the memory of our Great Martyr.

Along with celebrations, Christians will also bring St. Fanouri's traditional pies to both the evening and the ceremony. Feast of the Sanctuary of Aghios Fanourios Aradippou

The Agios Fanourios Church Commission organizes a market for souvlaki at the feast of Agios Fanourios, which will take place on Sunday afternoon, August 26th at the church's precinct. On the morning of Monday, August 27, there will be a sweets purchase in the morning and in the afternoon people can buy souvlaki after the Paraklitikos. The proceeds will go to reinforce the charity fund and the fund for the completion of the Spiritual Center "Agios Fanourios".

From the Ecclesiastical Commission