The Municipality of Aradippou in collaboration with the United Cypriot Hunters Movement organizes on Saturday June 22nd 2019 mass dog marking for the implementation of the Per Dogs Law.

At the event, a registered veterinarian will place microchips on dogs at a price of 10 euros per dog. A dog health booklet is required. In case you do not have, please buy a new one directly from your private vet.

Sponsorship of the Movement will be to place 30 microchips in stray dogs of the listed shelters of the municipality.

Marking of dogs will take place from 7:30 am until 15:30 in the parking lot behind the Municipal Palace. Interested parties must register by June 20th 2019 at 97829988 or via the comments' section on the Facebook page of the Cypriot Hunters Movement, under the relevant notice.

For the purpose of counting the microchips and better organization of the event, entries will expire on June 20 in the afternoon.