The Municipality of Aradippou announces that the government recently ratified the agreement reached between the Municipality of Aradippou and the Larnaca Water Board, for the undertaking of the water supply network by the SYL.

The agreement was the result of several years of efforts and its goal is to better serve the citizens. The transfer of the network is foreseen in the reform plan under reform of the local self-government.

According to the agreement, from June 22, 2020, all drinking water supply services of the Municipality of Aradippou will be included in the SYL and the following will apply, among others:

For new water supply connections, cuts, faults and leaks, you should now be at the offices of the SYL. For any emergency you should contact 24200555.
The counting of water, the issuance of invoices and the payment of bills are now the responsibility of the SYL. For any relevant clarification you can contact us at 24200500 or visit the Council's website www. It is noted that the offices of SYL are located at 12, 6010 Adamantiou Korai, Larnaca.
All overdue water supply debts to the Municipality of Aradippou will have to be paid to the Municipality of Aradippou. In the same context, you are also informed that the Municipality of Aradippou will prosecute those who have overdue debts. That is why all those who owe late fees for water supply to the Municipality of Aradippou are invited to repay them as soon as possible.

Consumers who have submitted a guarantee for the payment of an account to the Municipality of Aradippou can contact the offices of the Municipality for the return of the relevant amount, as the corresponding amounts have not been transferred to the SYL.

For further information on the issue of network transfer, more detailed information will be sent to all affected citizens by the SYL.