In the context of the landscaping of green spaces and the creation of playgrounds and in connection with its new political strategy of safety and health of playgrounds, the Municipality of Aradippou has announced an Open Tender for concluding a contract for the construction of a new Municipal Park (DA / ΤΥ / 01/2021) . This project, which will be a reference point for our Municipality and will give new life to the urban landscape, will be installed near the Avenue of Ellados, in the Industrial Zone of the Municipality. The estimated cost of the project is around € 495000 + VAT for infrastructure projects. In addition, the park will be equipped with toys which are estimated to cost around € 150,000.

The project, which is expected to start on June 1, 2021, aims to offer an alternative form of recreation for the whole family in a friendly environment. At the same time, in the park will be placed toys for all ages of children, but also toys for children with special abilities which will meet the relevant European safety standards.

Interested parties can obtain the relevant terms and instructions online at