The Aradippou Mayor and City Council are expressing deep sorrow over the death of former Cyprus President Glavkos Clerides.
Clerides was a prominent political personality of the place and a great leader who linked his life with the modern history of Cyprus and struggles of our people.
The Aradippou Municipality participatse in the three days of mourning declared by the State for the death of Clerides. Aradippou Mayor, Evangelos Evaggelidis, has sent a telegram of condolence to the family of the deceased, and tomorrow he will attend the funeral service.
At a meeting to be held next Thursday, the Aradippou City Council will take decisions for honoring Glavkos Clerides.
The Aradippou Municipality informs residents that because of the public holiday, on November 19th, 2013 , the offices and all City services will be closed.