The humanity and love event "In the end they shave the ... Mayor", which was co-organized by the VASOULA ELEFTHERIOU FUND of  ARADIPPOU and the CHRISTINA APOSTOLOU FOUNDATION, at the Apostolos Loukas Aradippou Square. The aim of this initiative was to provide financial support for children and young people with chronic diseases. The well-known singers Loukas Giorkas and Christos Sikkis, cultural groups and dance schools of Aradippou, as well as young musical talents, took part in the charity event, while for the purpose of the event, the Mayor of Aradippou, Evangelos Evagelidis, sacrificed his mustache. The venue was open for children and young people, and food, drinks and sweets were sold. Largest sponsors of the event were LAVAR SHIPPING, IMATECH, PETROLINA, QUALITY GROUP and COSTAS & ZACK REALTY and TTINIOZOU CONSTRUCTION. The communication sponsor of the evening was POLITIS, while many other organizations, companies and individuals supported this initiative. In his address, Aradippou Mayor said that securing the health of the citizens of a country is a major social issue and the ultimate goal of every well-functioning state. In this context, he stressed that the achievement of this objective effectively promoted a proper assessment and attitude of life for the promotion and prosperity of the whole, while at the same time underlining the need for social cohesion and solidarity centered on man and his needs.