If you are an Aradippou citizen or you own property or business or you are practicing a professional activity within the limits of the Municipality, then like all municipalities, you will inevitably pay taxes, fees or licenses.
You can pay the taxes , fees or licenses you owe using one of the following ways:
  • At the Municipality's Cashier with cash, personal check or credit card. You will need to bring the notice sent by the Municipality.
  • In any commercial bank or cooperative credit institution by providing the account.
  • Directly from a commercial bank or cooperative credit institution of the taxpayer, after providing relevant direct debit. For this purpose , you must give the details of your account to the Municipality Department of Water Supply to send a copy of the invoice to the bank / cooperative institution . JCC SMART
  • Electronically via JCC.JCC SMART
If the account is not paid within the period specified on the invoicem, then necessarily it will have to be paid to the municipality's Cashier.