The department of Administration/Secretariat/Other services has the responsibility of organisation, coordination and offer of administrative and secretarial support in the town council, the Mayor and the Municipal Secretary.

The particular department is the direct receiver of the decisions concerning the town council, such as those are obtained within the frames of the political position it has. Simultaneously, it is the receptor of direct forwarding of the decisions or the instructions of the appropriate departments for implementation.

Moreover, it assists the Town Council in decision-making, providing information and elements which are collected from the rest of the Departments and other resources, after it has been studied and worked appropriately. At the same time it coordinates and promotes the design and the implementation of the strategic plan and the individual programmes for the development of the municipality.

More specifically, the Town Council, Secretariat, and Other Services have the responsibility for the coordination, the support and the function of the following departments: 

  • Coordination of the mechanism function of the Municipal Departments for the implementation of projects and actions which have been decided.
  • Management of all the individual topics which concern the responsibilities of the municipality, submission of recommendations or/and decision-making for problem solving.
  • Custody for the receipt, characterisation , reporting/registration, correlation of all the incoming and outgoing mail and the direct and right distribution of the standards of each department.
  • Compliance with the register and individual folders of the staff.
  • Study and appliance of the collection agreements for work and offer of each necessary information for correct implementation.
  • Issue and notification of the circulars to the staff.
  • Observation of the allowance of absence of the staff and implementation of required checking.
  • Caring for the training of all the municipal employees in a collaboration with all of the government agencies and with service training programmes.
  • Handling all the cases concerning expropriations of/ and for public purposes.
  • Responsibility for the organisation of all the Cultural Events and actions of the municipality (Municipal Choir, Municipal Theatrical events, festivals, anniversaries, issue of the municipal newspaper, etc.). 
  • Responsibility for the right function of the procedure regarding public tenders and contracts. 
  • Concentration and notification to the competent services of the municipality, the laws, ordinances, decisions, circulars etc. 
  • Responsibility for the Municipal cemetery. 
  • Function of the Municipal museums. 
  • Function of the Municipal Library.
  • Function of the Office regarding European Issues and Programmes.