Aradippou Municipality pays special attention to the sanitation of the city which is vital to the city image and the citizens’ quality of life.

In this context the Sanitation Department utilizes every means in its disposal to achieve the above targets. However the citizens’ active involvement and cooperation greatly helps the achievement of these goals.

Sanitation Department’s main duties include:

1. Street and public places sanitation

The Municipality has a set weekly schedule for cleaning the city streets and various public places like public squares, areas around churches, the Municipal building, the Municipal Stadium etc. For these activities we use a mechanised sweeper and five street cleaners.

Citizens have to protect the environment they live in by not throwing around garbage and other objects.

2. Garbage

Aradippou Municipality collects the residential garbage and carries them to the approved unit for total management of solid residential waste (Χ.Υ.Τ.Υ. Koshi). Three garbage collecting trucks are used along with 12 employees including the drivers.

Garbage is collected two times per week from residences and businesses. Aradippou is separated in two sectors. In sector 1 collection occurs every Monday and Friday and in sector 2 on Tuesday and Saturday.If you want to find out the days the Municipality collects your garbage, go to chapter “Garbage collection schedule”.

Citizens are requested to place their garbage in closed plastic containers to avoid bad smell. Also they should not place old electrical appliances in the garbage cans. Instead they should deliver them to the electric appliances stores which are members of WEEE Electrocyclosis Cyprus. (More info

3. Plot and open spaces cleaning

Plot cleaning of weeds and other garbage is the responsibility of the owner. Notifications are regularly sent out to citizens as to their obligation to carry out this cleaning by the end of April of each year. In case they don’t, the Municipality cleans up the plots and charges the owners.

4. Recycling

Aradippou Municipality has joined the recycling programme for packages made of paper, plastic, metal and glass in cooperation with Green Dot Cyprus. Every Thursday morning citizens should place their recyclable materials, except glass, on the pavement outside their residence. All paper should be placed in the appropriate container and the others in special containers marked so. Glass is not collected by the garbage collectors due to injury risks so citizens should place them in the big plastic containers that are placed in several locations within Aradippou. More info can be found in the special brochure sent to all citizens.

We urge all citizens to participate actively in this recycling programme protecting in this way our precious environment.

5. Abandoned vehicles

In accordance with the “Municipalities Law of 1985”, L.111/1985, if a vehicle is left in a public road or open space (private or municipal) for a period exceeding three weeks, is considered abandoned.

In such case the Municipality, according to article 92A of the above law, sends a notice to the owner of the vehicle or, if it’s in a private place, to the registered owner of that place instructing them to remove the vehicle. If it is not removed in 4 weeks’ time then the Municipality can remove it and sell it by public auction.

6. Green spot

The Green Spot is a tried and tested practice that is applied internationally with success. Citizens that want to dispose of grass and other cuttings, carpets, furniture, wood and other big objects that cannot be collected by the city trucks, they can carry these items to the green spot and put them in skips that are placed there.

7. Parks and green areas

Parks, green areas and road islands are present in various locations within the Municipality. Every effort is taken to keep these areas in good condition. One example is the green area on Omirou Street, which has been upgraded to playground and has been equipped with games that fulfil the European safety standards. Also basketball and tennis courts have been set up in this area. Additionally futsal courts have been set up in parks in Koni-Krasha area. Another priority of the Municipality and the Mayor himself is to create new parks which will offer a pleasant time to citizens, especially our youth.

8. Pavements and tree planting

Tree planting on pavements causes serious problems so it is prohibited. Citizens that have already planted shrubs on pavements are called to remove them and those who have planted trees to trim them in such a way that they do not disrupt the traffic of pedestrians, people with disabilities or compromise road safety.

9. Info

If a citizen notices any wrongdoing i.e. disposing of garbage in plots, fields, roads etc., is urged to notify the appropriate department so that immediate action can be taken. Citizens can call to tel: 24811085, 24811086 & 24811081 or send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it... Also in the same way they can obtain info on sanitation matters.