The main objective of the Department of Public Health is to assure that Public Health in the Municipality is maintained and controlled. It deals mainly with the following sectors:

Assuring public health

An important aspect of public health is environmental sanitation. To achieve this goal the department carries out the following tasks:

  • Dealing with nuisances e.g. problems that affect directly the health and safety of the citizens.
  • Pest control, which is carried out with specialised crews.
  • Enforcement of prohibitions of keeping animals and birds within the boundaries of the residential areas.
  • Control of dogs and issue of dog ownership licences, according to the Law on Dogs of 2002.
  • Control of public swimming pools for suitability of water through testing according to the “Swimming pools law of 1996” L.105(I)/1996 and the “Public swimming pools Public Instrument of 1996” , P. I. 368/1996 for the water safety standards.
  • Promotion of citizen awareness about public and environmental health issues.
  • Examination of applications for building permits from a public health perspective.
  • Issue and delivery of penalties or warnings on public health and environmental violations.
  • Removal and disposal of dead animal and birds found in public places.
  • Dealing with citizen complaints in relevant matters.
  • Other relevant matters falling within the jurisdiction of the department.


Food and drinks control

The department conducts regular and unannounced visits to various establishments that produce food or drinks for human consumption to assure the sanitation conditions and the good manufacturing practices according to the relevant laws. Also sanitation conditions are checked in all establishments that store, sell or provide products for consumption as well as the machinery, storage tanks or containers, tools and in general everything that is used in the production or delivery of foods or drinks. The department has the authority to confiscate and destroy any foods or drinks that are deemed dangerous for the public health.

Citizens that wish to receive more information about the department or to make a complaint or report can apply to the Department’s office in the Aradippou municipal building or call to 24811086.

E-mail inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Τelephone for receiving stray dogs: 97829988