MUNICIPAL LIBRARY  “Giangos Constantinidis” Biography of Giangos Constantinidis

On 25 September 2001 was the opening of the Municipal Library Aradhippoy "Yiangos Constantinidi”. 

The Municipal Library, that it succeeded from 1986 the Community Library Aradhippoy, is accomodated now in the Municipal Building, in a special room that has been organised and arranged with the collaboration of Cultural Services of Ministry of Education and Culture.

The decision on naming the Library to Municipal Library "Yiangos Constantinidis" was     taken unanimously by the Municipal Council, as a token of gratitude to the unresting teacher, founder and for 28 years Person in charge of Library Mr Yiango Constantinidis.

Yiangos Constantinidis was given birth in the Turkish occupied village of Kythreas in 1908. He took his the schoolteacher diploma excellently. He was first posted in Aradhippoy in 1936. He loved reading, painting and the trees. For this reason he planted in the Aradhippoy a lot of olives, carobs, vines and other trees.

In 1963 played a leading part in the foundation of Community Library with other five schoolteachers. Yiangos Constantinidis was however the person in charge of the library for 28 entire years. He put in the library a lot of labour and worked with zeal in order to collect books so the Aradhippoy citizens can now enjoy them.

The library has a capacity of 25 thousands of books. Now it has roughly ten thousands books. They are categorized in teams.



Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 08:30-13:00  & 16:00 – 19:00

Wednesday 08:30-13:30

Saturday 10:00-13:00


Aradippou Municipality Municipal Library will remain close from August 10-14 due to the summer holidays.


Telephone of communication: 24811081