In Aradippou Municipality the institution of local government is a decisive factor in applying and promoting social welfare and development due to its proximity with the local society and residents.

We view social welfare and services not as a charity work but as a responsible, serious, continuous and scientifically sound political action where the Municipality comes to the aid of citizens in need in an equal and well-proportioned way. Individual needs and special circumstances are always taken into account. Social welfare is meant to reach all local citizens in a direct and efficient way that will ensure the continuum of these services. 

Aradippou Municipality exerts its social welfare and services actions through the Social Welfare Committee which, in close cooperation with the Municipality’s Social Services Department, aim to materialize the set targets for their sector. In order to better address and solve local issues that trouble our community, citizens from all organised groups along with volunteers are represented in this committee to ensure the plurality and efficiency in achieving the set targets.

Quality of life and the welfare of the local community is the main objective of the committee. Economic crisis has brought a lot of difficulties for everybody and especially for our less privileged citizen groups which we aim to help through the above mentioned actions. The Municipality  will rise to these challenges and by mobilizing all the means in their disposal will try to solve as many issues as possible and to make these services readily available to every citizen in need.

Social welfare policy of Aradippou Municipality is carried out in two ways-methods:

  • Providing social welfare and services to the citizens in cooperation with government agencies and other available resources.
  • Promotion of awareness and entertainment of the citizens through various actions.

Details of these actions are given below:


Community work

Aradippou Municipality in cooperation with the Committee for Volunteer Work of Larnaca and the District Welfare Department have started the “Social service without pay” programme since April 2011.

Social service without pay is a penalty that is given by the Cyprus courts usually to young people that committed minor crimes or misdemeanours instead of imprisonment or fines.

People sentenced to Social service without pay continue to work normally in order to cope with their other obligations and the social service hours are scheduled by a Social Welfare Department officer until the total length of the sentence is exhausted.

Social service benefits the sentenced person who avoids imprisonment or fine as well as the Municipality that receives work without pay.

Lemythou camp-site

 In the summer of 2005 our Municipality has created a campsite for elementary school children in Lemythou village in Troodos. It is housed in the old elementary school of the village which has been renovated in a way to accept about 200 children during the camping season. Children have the chance to play, compete and interact with their peers and to develop their social skills and independence.

Supporting the social involvement action and creative activities of children with special needs-disabilities

 Aradippou Municipality provides financial aid to the Community Volunteer Committee (ΣΚΕ) which is running this programme on a daily basis from 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm since 2007.Through this programme  children with special needs are given a chance to continue their activities after school and a chance to their parents to work having in mind that their children are in safe care.


 The Welfare Committee organises visits to centres for children with special needs of the schools of Aradippou in Easter and Christmas along with the elderly care homes and people detained at the Aradippou police station to offer gifts and wishes to these groups.


 As a part of the social services, Aradippou Municipality organises various activities to entertain or inform local citizens. Some of these actions are:

  • Seminars about breastfeeding mothers, new parents or parents to be, about various topics of a baby’s upbringing. The seminars are conducted in cooperation with the Maternity Department of Larnaca General Hospital.
  • Lectures on various social issues in cooperation with government departments or other relevant organisations.
  • Excursions of entertainment and educational nature are organised for citizen groups like the elderly, pensioners or children with special needs.

Despite the problems that we face as a Municipality having in mind that the Municipalities involvement in solving social problems is not provided by law and taking into consideration our low budget for social programmes development, we have set a priority to utilize every available means to contribute at any possible degree in the improvement of the quality of life of our citizens.

Chairperson of the Committee is Mrs. Minas Xiourouppas, Municipal Councilor.