Education , Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency

‘Europe for Citizens’ Programme

Action 1. Active Citizens for Europe

Measure 2.1. Citizen’s project

Project Title: Winning a Metal for Europe

Duration of the project: 1/12/2008 – 30/09/2009


  • Municipality of Sykies, Greece
  • Regional administration Sliven, The Republic of Bulgaria
  • Municipality of Aradippou, Cyprus
  • Ajuntament de Vila –Real, Spain
  • SIL – Patto Territoriale Oristano Soc. Cons. a.r.l. , Italy
The proposed project is planned in order to deliver policy input in the form of citizens recommendations on the themes of “Sports for active citizenship and social inclusion” and “Intercultural Dialogue”.

The main axis of the proposed action is the involvement of ordinary citizens, with special emphasis given in the participation of immigrants living in European debate as to the role of sport in social inclusion, integration and equal opportunities and identifying needs as to intercultural dialogue. It will also promote the creation of a network for cooperation among regional administrators , sports stakeholders, immigrants associations at local level, and citizens.

In order to achieve its objectives the project will use many different tools. Among them importance is given to the tool of sport. The project explores the potential of sport as a mean of mobilising citizens in active involvement in the decision making processes, as well as sport as a mean of social inclusion and integration.

The main target – group of the project are immigrants living in European territory. More specifically the local target groups will be the immigrants living in the partner countries. They constitute a sector of the society out of the usual circuit of participation. However target group of the project are all citizens, who will also have the chance to participate in the events organised.

The objectives of the project and consequently the actions undertaken can be divided into two parts:

The first group of actions aims at awarenessraising to the wider public of the themes to be discussed. The proposed actions will include the organisation of local sport events in the partner countries and a transnational sport event in Sykies. More specifically a one day football championship will take place in each country between national football teams representing the different nationalities of the immigrants living in countries , including a national team of the country. The final of the games will be held in Sykies. A multicultural team formed by players of the created national teams will participate in the finals.

The events organised are expected to highlight the cultural diversity of European society and underline the importance of developing intercultural competences.

The second group of actions includes the generation of a discussion on the proposed themes at local and transnational level. Parallel to the sport events organised, the implementation of a video-conference between the partner countries is envisaged where participants from the teams created, representatives from local immigration associations and sports organisations and pre-selected citizens will discuss issues like the promotion of sport as a mean of social inclusion, integration and equal participation, the need for active citizens participation and will identify needs as to intercultural dialogue.

A transnational conference will be organised in Sykies along with the final championship. There will be a final conference with representatives from the local panels to exchange their experiences and develop their final opinions and views in order to provide recommendations to be communicated at national and European level.