The owners or representatives of the plots, fields, plots located within the boundaries of the Municipality of Aradippou are notified as they proceed to clean their plots, fields, plots and to remove from them all grass and useless objects until April 18, 2022. The owner or their representative is responsible for cleaning plots, fields and plots, even if the waste materials have been placed there by third parties.

Those owners or their representatives who are unable to take care of the cleaning of their open spaces, can contact the Cleaning Service of the Municipality, which will undertake the cleaning of the spaces for a corresponding fee.

After April 19, 2022, a workshop of the Municipality will start cleaning all the plots, fields, plots that have not been cleaned until then by the owners or their representatives and will be charged accordingly. It is clarified that if the cleaning by the owner of the plot is not satisfactory, a workshop of the Municipality will proceed with the cleaning and there will be a corresponding charge.

The Municipality will take all measures for the collection of the due amount not excluded and the court measures. This notice is considered as personal to the owners or their representatives and is sent based on articles 91 and 92 of the Law on Municipalities of 1985 N111 / 85.

From the Municipality of Aradippou